Cigna Healthcare Vitality Study

“The high vitality scores reflect our community’s strength and the need for continued emphasis on comprehensive wellbeing strategies.” - Jérôme Droesch, CEO of Domestic Health and Health Services, International Health, Cigna Healthcare

The UAE has one of world’s highest vitality scores. Vitality Study explores impact of stress, work-life balance and inflation on people’s health and wellbeing. Learn how employers can deal with changing times and requirements, and much more.

Reports and Guides

Let’s Talk About Cancer Awareness and Prevention

Continuing our Let’s Talk About health series, this article tackles cancer; one of the world’s most feared health problems.

We now have access to knowledge, treatment, and therapies that can not only save lives but prevent certain types of cancer altogether, yet cancer continues to be the second leading cause of death globally. Why is this? Let’s talk about it.

Let’s Talk About… Mental Health ←→ Physical Health

“It’s important we talk frankly about how our mental health affects our physical well-being,” writes Dawn Soo, Medical Director, Asia, Middle East and Africa at Cigna Healthcare.

Few health conditions wreak as much far-reaching damage on patient well-being and quality of life as stress. Six in 10 of us experience high levels of stress. The consequences of this global state of mind are worrying. There can be little doubt that stress and its toll on our bodies is one of the world’s most pressing health issues. Let’s talk about it.

A Looming Health Crisis?

How cost-of-living pressure is impacting well-being in the Middle East.

Cigna Healthcare's 360 Well-being Survey revealed that the inflation crisis is the biggest concern causing stress levels to mount in the Middle East. A troubling consequence of this rising wave is its impact on mental and physical health. Find out how your business can better support employees well-being.


The Future of Work

Transitioning to the post-pandemic workforce

As the pandemic abates and employees return to the office, it has led to a new set of challenges for both employers an employees. The future of work may look different with offices redesigned and as employees split time between work and home. Watch as our experts provide actionable insights for companies to address these new challenges.

Delivering Workplace Wellbeing

Reimagining Productivity and health in a post-COVID era

COVID has completely changed the way people work. Employers have taken measures to reduce costs and increase efficiency. But it has also separated teams, reduced collaboration, and prevented socialising. Watch as our panel of experts discusses how businesses can tackle these problems as they discuss employee health and wellbeing in a post-COVID era.

Reclaiming Workplace Wellness

The residents of the UAE have remained resilient during the events of 2020. On the other hand, people have been overworking to the point where 50% of the working population considered leaving their jobs. It is upto employers to provide more support and care to their employees. Watch what our experts have to say about the trends shaping the future workplace and employee health and wellbeing.

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